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Tessier’s is Proud of Products Made in the USA

Here at Tessier’s Hardware we have always carried well known brands.

Way back, ALL of our products were Made in the USA, but over the years, a lot of companies moved overseas for cheaper manufacturing.   However, many products and brands have made sure they have stayed on American soil, concept and manufacturing alike.  Over the past couple of years, we have noticed a resurgence for the demand and appreciation of products still Made in the USA.  Also, there has been a great joining of forces from other retailers like us, hardware stores, lumber yards, and DIY stores, to be more aware and conscious of buying and offering Made in the USA products and making them available to our consumers.

We all have to band together to make a change and turn this country back to the way things used to be, supporting products manufactured here in the USA is the first step and demanding that other products be brought back here for manufacture is next.

Shop Small, Shop Local, Buy Made in the USA, Buy Green…..this is the key to getting the USA back on it’s feet!!!

Here’s a list of a lot of the Made in the USA Tessier’s Hardware carries:

Leatherman — Portland, Oregon — multi-Tools

Mag Lite — Ontario, California — flash lights

Vornado Fans — Andover, Kansas — fans

W.R. Case & Sons— Bradford, Pennsylvania — knives

Zippo — Bradford, Pennsylvania — lighters

Channellock Inc. (Meadville, PA): over 120 different sizes and types of pliers and other hand tools, including their patented tongue-and-groove and slip-joint pliers.

Eklind Tool Co. (Franklin Park, IL): hex tools, including folding, L-keys, and T-keys, all made in USA

Estwing (Rockford, IL): hammers, mallets, axes, and geological tools, with a patented shock-reduction grip, made in USA.

Vaughan Mfg. (Hebron, IL): hammers and prybars made in USA since 1869 and still made with American-made steel. Available from

Briggs & Stratton (Wauwatosa, WI): manufacturers of small gasoline engines, based in Wisconsin and with additional facilities in AL, FL, KY, MO, and GA. Briggs & Stratton engines power many welders, pressure washers, and generators

Shop Vac brand vacs are made in USA!

Bernzomatic torches are still USA made.

DL Handcleaner is still made in the USA

Ball Canning Jars

Goo Gone

Simple Green


Valley Forge Flags

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Gorilla Glue

Krud Kutter


Wash Safe



Some Swanson measuring tools

Some Stanley hand tools

Johnson levels

Nicholson files

Korky plumbing parts

There’s probably a lot more, but this is just what I’ve found thus far.

If you come in to visit us and want a Made in the USA brand product, look for a small flag on the product or a shelf sign notating such.  If you found one we missed, please let us know.

We promise to do our best to continue expanding the Made in the USA selection of products available at Tessier’s General Store, Made in the USA in 1917!!!!

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