Rust Oleum Blue Marine Bottom Paint by Rust Oleum 207013


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A protective copper-based coating for use below the waterline on the boat bottom. Hard antifouling coating slowly releases copper, preventing the build-up of barnacles, algae, and other marine growth. Use for mild to moderate fouling conditions in both fresh and saltwater. Formulated for use on both trailered boats and boats that remain in the water all season or all year long. Contains 45% cuprous oxide (copper) which has the best category features (hard antifouling). Do Not use on aluminum surfaces as the copper in the coating will react unfavorably. Newly painted boats shoud be launched within 60 days of painting for best antifouling performance. Priming is not necessary on bare fiberglass or previously painted surfaces (lightly sanded and in good condition). To prime bare wood, apply thinned (10% mineral spirits to 90% antifouling paint) paint followed by a full-strength antifouling paint for subsequent coats. Bare metal needs to be primed with a 2-part industrial epoxy primer

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