Complete Joy Of Homebrewing – Fourth Edition


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Often called the bible of homebrew, this is the all-time best selling homebrewing book. Papazian coined the saying, “relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew” and this book definitely promotes a low stress introduction to homebrewing. Now in it’s 4th Edition, Charlie has updated his recipes and added some new ones.  Charts and other information has been udpated to make this book that much more informative, and easy to read.  However, it was originally written in the 1970’s and some parts have become out-of-date – There is very little information on liquid yeast cultures (now the norm instead of the exception), and simple equipment such as Wort Chillers are listed as advanced items. Still, it is a fun read and you will definitely learn something.

This completely revised and updated edition includes:

  • An expanded and updated homebrew recipe chart: How to brew 53 traditional beers
  • A Beer Styles chart with easy-to-understand descriptions of key flavor and aroma characters along with homebrew technical data to make your own recipe formulations
  • A list of more than 75 beer types describing strength, hop aroma, bitterness, flavor, color, sweetness, and alcohol percentage
  • Expanded charts on 68 hop varieties, descriptions, and uses
  • Brand new recipes
  • Beer kit tips
  • Key information about using and understanding hops
  • Five secrets to fermentation
  • And much more

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