BSG Handcraft Citra (US) Hop Pellets 1 oz – 4212A


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Hop Type:Dual-Purpose
Origin:United States
Alpha Acid:11 – 13%
Similar Varieties:Chinook
Common Styles:American-style Pale Ale, Wheat Beer, and IPA, Belgian-style Ale

Citra® is a relatively new variety, developed by the Hop Breeding Company of Yakima from Hallertau  Mittelfrüh, Tettnang, Brewers Gold, and East Kent Golding parentage. It’s character is strongly tropical and lush with a host of fruit flavors including peach, passionfruit, guava, lychee, lime and gooseberry. Because of its distinctive and intense aromatics, Citra® is best in a late addition or dry hop capacity. Used as a single variety or in a blend, Citra® does well in American wheat beers, pale ales, IPAs Belgian-style ales, and has been known to complement Brettanomyces.

To preserve freshness, all BSG HandCraft hops are packaged in nitrogen-flushed, oxygen and light-barrier packages.

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