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A new 5 lb CO2 tank is one of the required purchases when you’re changing over from bottling to kegging your beer.
This brand new, 5lb aluminum CO2 tank features high quality valves, and because it is made of aluminum rather than steel you can feel confident that it won’t never rust. It’s called a 5lb tank because it holds 5lb of compressed (liquified) CO2. 5lb of CO2 is enough to dispense 8-9 5 gallon kegs of homebrew.
All new CO2 tanks are shipped empty and will require either filling or exchanging for a full tank. Most local homebrew shops will stock gas to exchange, and many local welding supply companies can fill tanks on site.
The in use, CO2 tanks should always be stored in an upright position inside or outside of a refrigerator.

Our gas tanks are all brand new 5 lb CO2 tanks in standard sizing with high quality valves. Aluminum tanks are superior to steel because they do not rust. All tanks are shipped empty. To have tanks filled you will want to visit your local welding supply shop. Because you are purchasing a new tank you can choose to either have it filled or to exchange it for a filled tank at your local gas supplier. If you have this tank filled the local gas supplier is responsible for affixing the correct neck label that identifies the gas being put in the cylinder.

Tanks can be stored inside or outside of a refrigerator and should always be stored in an upgright position.

Will dispense approximately 9 five gallon homebrew kegs before needing to be refilled.

Dimensions: 18″ Tall x 5.25″ wide.

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Weight20 lbs
Dimensions20 × 6 × 6 in


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