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The mini-reg features total portability with all the features of a full size regulator. The regulator has a range of .5-1.5 bars which equates to 7-21 p.s.i.. This means that unlike KEG950 that shoots in CO2 at an un-calculable amount, the mini-reg allows you precisely dial in pressure and keep it there. It utilizes its own disposable 74 gram CO2 cartridge, which is the largest size that can be shipped full. This is also a two stage mini-regulator, meaning that is takes the pressure down from 800psi to a lower pressure and then to your set pressure of around 10psi. Two stage regulators are the only way to have consistent pressure.  One 74 gram cartridge will dispense one 5 gallon keg.

Comes with regulator, one gas in quick disconnect and the associated hardware. 74 gram CO2 cartridges (KEG962) are available separately. KEG969 cartridges are not compatible with this regulator.

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Dimensions3.5 × 3.94 × 1.5 in


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