5 Gallon Homebrew Starter Kit


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The Brewmaster starter kit will look amazing in your showroom. This is a very well packaged kit with pleasing graphics, drawn images of included equipment, and a drawn out four step process that allows potential brewers and gift buyers to understand the basic process without having to ask a question. Makes for a great gift at the holidays. Allows you to add an ingredient kit from your shop and have a starter package under $99. Comes complete with easy to understand directions.

The Brewmaster Kit includes some key upgrades not found in some starter kits like Star San, a Stainless Steel Spoon, an Adhesive thermometer, a Dial thermometer, and THREE Reusable grain bags.  This is an amazing value. The whole list of equipment inludes:

  • (2) Brewmaster plastic buckets with spigots for fermentation, bottling, and cleaning
  • Bucket lid, stopper, and airlock
  • 24 inch Stainless Steel spoon
  • Vinyl tubing for transfers & bottling
  • Bottle filling wand
  • Wing bottle capper & 50 bottle caps
  • (3) 8″x15″ re-usable mesh steeping bags for grain and hops
  • Star San sanitizer, 4 fl oz bottle
  • Bottle brush
  • Triple scale hydrometer and sample jar
  • Dial thermometer
  • Adhesive liquid crystal fermentation thermometer

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