Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts Home Improvement and Home Brewing Supplies

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Always a go-to for anything you may need. Soo proud of this brick & mortar! Mom & Pop shop going 4 generations strong. The random selection is endless …bolts, random... read more

Stitch and Stones Avatar Stitch and Stones
November 1, 2022

That is still one of the best stores around friendly nice just nice

Rusty Da Avatar Rusty Da
October 1, 2022

Nice local business to shop.

Jerry Coombs Avatar Jerry Coombs
October 1, 2022

I do my best to support Mom and Pop stores. I've driven by here many times but never stopped in. I needed a pair of hedge clippers, so off I... read more

Jack Avatar Jack
October 1, 2022

If they don't have it..you don't need it! Very friendly and helpful staff.

colin aina Avatar colin aina
September 1, 2022

If they don't have it you don't need it. They have got a little bit of everything and knowledgeable staff to point you in the right direction

John Atkinson Avatar John Atkinson
August 1, 2022

My husband owns a handy man business and we as much shopping here as possible. Their prices are comparable to the big box stores, they usually have what we need... read more

Fleur Defries Avatar Fleur Defries
July 1, 2022

Customer service is A1. Hard to find items, no problem. Need glass or screen repair, don't go to the "big box stores", Tessiers will make it happen.

Dan Aronhalt Avatar Dan Aronhalt
June 1, 2022